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Ms. Shannon has been practicing law for over 20 years.   She began her legal career in private practice, representing both individuals and businesses in civil litigation, real property and probate matters for a number of years.  She then served as in-house counsel for a financial institution for six years. Her responsibilities there included representation of the institution in civil litigation, drafting contracts and loan documents, rendering legal advice on varied issues, as well as the review and interpretation of regulations, statutes, contracts and other documents.  She then returned to private practice and established her own firm.  She maintains a general civil practice, and has been qualified by the Florida Supreme Court as an arbitrator, and certified by the Florida Supreme Court to serve as a County Court Mediator and Circuit Court Mediator throughout the state of Florida. She is also certified to serve as a mediator for federal lawsuits.

Her interest in mediation began when she realized that people were much better off when they settled their disputes prior to litigation or at the beginning stage of the litigation -- before they had spent substantial sums in costs and attorneys fees.  She realized that the parties further benefited from a successful mediation because, with the dispute resolved, they could move forward with their life and spend their time on more rewarding endeavors.  She enjoys meeting people and assisting them in resolving their disputes.

She currently offers mediation services to both individuals who are represented by an attorney and to those individuals who desire to resolve their dispute without an attorney’s assistance.  Mediations can take place at her office or at another mutually-convenient location.

Florida Supreme Court certified circuit and county mediator

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