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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process that is used effectively to resolve disputes between people. Parties having a dispute with each other select a neutral third person, called a MEDIATOR, to assist them in resolving the dispute.  The purpose of Mediation is to open up the lines of communication and explore ways to settle the dispute that is acceptable to all parties. The Mediatorís job is to help the parties identify the issues, encourage joint problem solving and consider different settlement options. Mediation is designed to help the parties reach a settlement that is acceptable and agreeable to them all.  The parties themselves decide whether to settle the dispute and the terms of any settlement.  

The Mediation conference is informal, confidential and non-adversarial.  The parties meet at the Mediatorís office or another mutually-agreeable location. Each party provides his or her version of the dispute to the Mediator.  The Mediator asks the parties questions to better understand the issues involved. The Mediator may also meet with each of the parties individually during the Mediation.  If a resolution to the dispute is agreed to by the parties, a written agreement will be prepared outlining the terms of the resolution, and each of the parties will sign it.

Mediation can take place prior to the filing of a lawsuit (pre-litigation) to avoid the need for a lawsuit, or during litigation to resolve the issues raised in the lawsuit and avoid the need for a trial. This often saves the parties a significant amount of costs and fees.

Florida Supreme Court certified circuit and county mediator

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